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Mary Kaye's Upcoming Performances


Private Event - Talisker Club

Park City, UT

Mary Kaye is looking forward to returning to perform for her friends at Talisker Club.



Private Event

Woodland, UT

Wrangler Retirement Party! Several years ago this cowboy rode his horse across America from sea to shinning sea.



Mary Kaye in Concert - Jolon, CA

St. Luke's Church, Junction of Jolon and Mission Roads, Jolon (Lockwood), CA

Jolon is an unincorporated community in Monterey County, California. It is located 17 miles south of King City and is located in the San Antonio River valley, west of Salinas Valley. The town was founded by Antonio Ramirez who built an inn at the place in 1850. Jolon was owned by William Randolph Hearst in the 1920s, who sold it to the US Army, its current owner. It is mentioned in the chorus of the song "South Coast", as a place you could gamble back in its frontier days. Jolon is also the setting for John Steinbeck's novel "To a God Unknown." The town is not mentioned in the book but is the basis for the fictional town in the book.

If you are interested in attending the concert please contact Tom at blueoak3@gmail.com.



Music Party & Concert - Aromas, CA (Near Salinas)

Cisco Jim's Place, Aromas, CA

This will a fun informal Concert. Very laid back with food and friends. If you are interested in being there contact, Jim at cisco@cruzio.com.



The Coffee Gallery Backstage

2029 N. Lake Ave., Altadena, CA

Located in Altadena, in the San Gabriel Valley, and only a few blocks north of Pasadena, it is part of the megalopolis of Pasadena, Altadena, Los Angeles and Hollywood, the music and comedy acoustic heart of Southern California. This cozy venue features, almost every night, live , professional musical entertainment of national and international quality. The staging, sound and lighting are all excellent, as is the comfortable seating.



Mary Kaye in Concert - Bear Lake, UT

Conestoga Ranch , Garden City, UT

This concert is open to everyone and will be at a brand new 5 star "Glamping" resort. Conestoga Ranch at Bear Lake is a wonderful place to spend Labor Day weekend.



Mary Kaye in Concert - Grand Junction, CO


Details to follow.