I can always tell when someone I meet lives in a rural area.  I will tell them I had to drive 5 hours to get there and they will nod their head and say, "That's not too bad."  Another gauge of just how rural you are is by asking how close the nearest Walmart is.  Funny...it used to be determined by how many stop-lights there are in your county.  


One thing for sure is that rural folks are not afraid to drive.  We have the added benefit of actually driving through some of God's prettiest country...so what if we occasionally have to hit the brakes for deer or elk?  At least we don't have to battle rush hour traffic.  Rush hour around here is when the moms congregate at the elementary school when it's too rainy for the kids to walk home.


I was talking to some fellow musicians at the Tombstone Music Festival I just got home from.  I confessed to them that driving for me is time to think.  I enjoy it.  I show up at my destination a few hours later and think, wow, how did I get here?  When Brad drives he gets disjointed over drivers who seem oblivious to his need to pass them.  I sink in my seat a little and think, "So...that's what people think of me as I practice the fine art of singing and driving at the same time."


The last few weeks have been intense with concerts in AZ, NM and TX.  You know you are going hard at it when you wake up and have no idea where you are.  There have been many miles on the road and many prayers for help through snow and rain and even a long detour down a red-dirt Navajo reservation road.  We've stayed at beautiful places and had great times with old and new friends, but I won't fib...it's been hard to keep up this pace and I'm grateful for time at our sweet home.


The next few weeks will be exciting with an official announcement coming soon as to the release date of my new CD.  I appreciate the warm reception the new music is getting in my live performances and am excited to keep this project moving forward.  So much of the new CD was inspired by my days on the road and people I have met during my tours.  The music speaks of what life in the West is all about...good people, taking care of the land and our animals and of course...all the miles and miles of driving.

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