Early Spring and a New CD!

We're enjoying a rare early Spring here in our corner of the West. Our little girls held 
my hand and led me out to the flower beds where the first crocus are budding with bright purple and yellow. Even the chickens are confused and are giving us more eggs than normal in Winter and my sons horse, Finn, almost looks uncomfortable in his shaggy winter coat. All the ranching and farming families look up the mountains at the lack of snow pack and shake their heads. They know bare mountains in Winter mean no water in August. We recently had a community prayer and fast to enlist heavenly mercy for more moisture to our valley.

Thank goodness I've been enjoying a downpour of creativity as I work on finishing songs for my new CD. Songwriting is the best part of being a full-time performing artist. I love the effort, as well as the effortlessness of it. Most of all, I love that this music is really reflecting the love and respect that continues to grow in my soul for the wonderful people I meet on my tours throughout the West.

In an effort to make the process of producing this music available to all of our friends and fans, I will be launching a Crowdfunding Campaign starting March 20th and continuing for 30 days. Crowdfunding, or Fan Funding, is a trend that I've watched with interest, but never taken the plunge before now. With this new CD I wanted to share the creative experience with others.

Another important goal with this new approach to CD production is to be able to promote the music in a way we've not been able to do before. My husband, Brad and I do all we can to produce the very best music possible. However, we've not had the the funds to promote it on radio or to produce professional music videos. Western Music deserves to be promoted in a big way and we hope to raise the funds to do just that!

Lastly, I want to thank you for listening to my music and making a place in your lives for it. I love when a rancher shakes my hand after a concert and tells me my music is in his truck. That is sacred ground for a cowboy and a compliment I don't take lightly. I look forward to this next big musical adventure and hope you all will enjoy the ride right alongside me.

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