Here's Your Hat, Whats Your Hurry?

 Out here in our corner of the West we have more fresh fruits and vegetables that even our huge family can consume.  It's the back-to-school time filled with football practices and papers to sign and those pesky dive-bombing flies in the kitchen that seem to be having a last hoorah before the cold season.  I just came home from running Millie to dance class.  I was held up by two little cowboys herding sheep down the road.  They grinned at me from their horse-back thrones as the sheep poured around my car like a wooly river.  Our town has transformed from it's sleepy summer rhythm to the upbeat tempo of county fair time.
I am feeling lucky today to have such a fine and varied life.  Women today, especially women who live out in the never-nevers have more opportunities than ever before to wear as many hats as they wish in their lifetimes.  The "mom hat" is my favorite hat and is made even better with a smart phone to text college kids.  I can look up recipe's and advice about pesky flies on my computer when I have on my "domestic diva hat."  This morning I quietly loaded the washing machine while I did a radio interview to promote my concert for Trout and Berry Days tomorrow in Cache Valley.  My "Mary Kaye the Singer Hat" is made possible with daily publicity emails and digital downloads.
My Grandmother Pauline raised her family on an Indiana farm and didn't get her drivers license until she was in her 40's.  Women today living in rural America are driving at 15 and the world is only a gas tank away.  My concert tours have made me quite the road warrior and I can't imagine not feeling confident that I could drive wherever in the world I need to go.  Of course my GPS whose name is "Tess" (a gift from fellow entertainer, Belinda Gail) is a definite plus when I have to wear my "Where the Heck am I Navigator Hat."
The real trick of living for me is to joyfully and artfully sport the many hats God has given me to wear.  Of course I wish I had a real hat to wear as I attend Back-to-School night tonight.
  I'm having a bit of a bad hair day. 

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