Ramblings in G Major

The sounds of battle emerge from the living room as the boys play the X-Box, Millie smells an orange in the kitchen and prepares a snack, CeCe is in her red silky nightgown and yellow hair-bows jumping on the tramp outside with Adaline and the red-headed neighbor boys.  My fingers are sore as I type from rehearsing today and I feel hungry but can't eat or I'll get sick during my Zumba class at 7pm.  I'm making German Pancakes for dinner because our fridge is filled to the brim with pretty brown eggs from our very productive chickens.  I need to pack for my performances in Southern Utah.  A dress for the Dove Center performance?  Do I dare wear high-heels instead of cowboy boots?  I hope we have time to go by the thrift stores.  There's always time for that, right?  My new song might possibly be the best song ever written.  But wait...I always think that of my new songs.  What will Robbers Roost look like?  I hope it's not freezing.  I couldn't have been an outlaw.  I'm too wimpy.  I just like reading about outlaws. I miss Brad.  Thursday night is always the hardest when we are apart.  Should I wash my hair tonight or wait to morning?
Heels.  I'm going to wear heels for the concert tomorrow night.  Why not?  And no hat.  Les Buffham would be proud of me.  Did you know that a double recipe for German Pancakes calls for 12 eggs?  Maybe I should triple it.


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  • "little" Alicia

    "little" Alicia

    Definitely triple the recipe. LOL You are feeding an army!

    Definitely triple the recipe. LOL You are feeding an army!

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