by Mary Kaye

Don't Fence Me In Records, BMI

(Official Release Date: March, 2017)


2018 Wrangler Award ~ Traditional Western Album

The National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum



by Mike Gross

Western Swing Society Music News

June 2017, p. 13

Take Me Back to Texas by Mary Kaye

This brand new CD of 14 tunes is comprised mostly of Mary doing either her own wonderful Western swing compositions or traditional western music classics. The album opens with the first of Mary's own Western Swing compositions, Take Me Back to Texas. Other Mary Kaye compositions in this style are Grit, Grace and Balin' Twine, Luckiest Cowgirl, Wyoming Woman, Montana Man, Girl Meets West, Fringe and The Real Thing. The album also includes traditional Western classics, Leavin Cheyenne, Streets of Laredo, Git Along Little Dogies and Michael Burton's Night Rider's Lament. Mary also wrote the pretty waltz, Cowboy Waltzin' Across Her Mind and the western sacred tune, The Prairie Preacher. The album closes with LASCA.





by Rick Huff

The Western Way

Summer 2017, p. 34

The title track is not the “Take Me Back To Texas” you might be thinking it is. This one is Mary Kaye’s all the way. Of course she makes “Streets Of Laredo.” “Leavin’ Cheyenne” and “Git Along Little Dogies” hers as well... just as much as she does her musical adaptation of Frank Deprez’s “Lasca.” If all of that seems to have a familiar ring to it, it could be because this collection “takes you back” to releases from Mary Kaye’s earlier albums...some tried and true tracks with the main emphasis being on danceability, be it Swing, Waltz, Two-Step or You Name-It. It will be particularly appreciated by late-comers to the powerful performance skills of Mary Kaye. She uses the word “sass” to describe her attitude songs. I’ve used it as well. That term works big-time to impart the effect of “Fringe,” “Girl Meets West” or “Grit Grace & Balin’ Twine”...not to mention her early career song “The Real Thing” and even “The Prairie Preacher.” Whether “Take Me Back To Texas” marks a re-visit for you or a new discovery, this Mary Kaye replay will be welcome. And...surprise, surprise...I’m recommending it! Fourteen tracks.



by Lillies Ohlsson 


Fall 2017

This CD is a miscellany of Mary Kaye's earlier recordings. Mary's "Take Me Back to Texas" was recorded in Fort Worth with Dave Alexander's Texas Swing Band - good songs like "Leaving Cheyenne" a traditional song, like "Streets of Laredo" (unusual with a female singer). Many believe that Micheael Burton's "Night Rider's Lament" is the best cowboy song of all time! I Agree. A Western-CD full of songs like "Get Along Little Doggies", "The Prairie Preacher", "Wyoming Woman, Montana Man," "Cowboy Waltzin 'Across Her Mind", "Lasca" (lyrics by Frank Deprez circa 1882, told from the cowboy's point of view) is a "Mary favorite" for the power of its storytelling. Mary Kaye is a Western singer who wins in the long run so check her out on YouTube or her website:           www.mary-kaye.com





2018 Wrangler Award - Traditional Western Album - Take Me Back to Texas 
- The National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum 

"Grit, Grace and Balin' Twine" - 2017 Will Rodgers Award - Western Song of the Year 
- Academy of Western Artists 

"The Luckiest Cowgirl" - #1 Song - Western Music Charts, The Western Way, Winter 2013 

"Wyoming Woman, Montana Man" - Nominated Song of the Year, Western Music Association, 2013 

"Cowboy Waltzin' Across Her Mind" - Nominated Song of the Year, Western Music Association, 2010 





In my career as a touring singer-songwriter, these are the songs that have emerged at the top with their grit, gumption, and swing.

1. TAKE ME BACK TO TEXAS (Mary Kaye, BMI) Found on the album The Dawn and The Dusk, this song was inspired by childhood memories of endless fields of Texas bluebonnets. It was recorded in Fort Worth with Dave Alexander and his Big Texas Swing Band. (3:24)

2. LEAVIN' CHEYENNE (Traditional, Arrangment by Mary Kaye) An old cowboy song sung in an entirely new way from Ride A Wide Circle. The lyrics speak of moving on and are most meaningful to those whose lives have included many hours in the saddle. (4:04)

3. GRIT, GRACE, AND BALIN' TWINE (Mary Kaye, BMI) Also from Ride a Wide Circle, this song is a raucous tribute to the farming and ranching families I've dedicated my career to. (3:21)

4. STREETS OF LAREDO (Traditional, Arranged by Mary Kaye) This trail song is from the album No Wilder Place and finds it's origins from an old English ballad. I love watching audiences light up when they hear it. (3:30)

5. LUCKIEST COWGIRL (Mary Kaye, BMI) Also from No Wilder Place, this upbeat tune is a defiant anthem of joy and gratitude in the face of adversity. This song is best appreciated at full volume with a pint of ice cream, on a really bad day. (3:41)

6. NIGHT RIDER'S LAMENT (Michael Burton) One of the greatest cowboy songs of all time! I included it in my first album Clean Outta Luck and it endures as a standard for almost every live performance. (4:38)

7. WYOMING WOMAN, MONTANA MAN (Mary Kaye, BMI) I go weak in the knees for good alliteration and a good story; this song from The Dawn and the Dusk dishes up both in good measure. Even though the story is fiction, there are couples who insist it's their story. (4:02)

8. COWBOY WALTZIN' ACROSS HER MIND (Mary Kaye, BMI) From Clean Outta Luck, this song about the earnest power of first love earned me my first Song of the Year nomination from the Western Music Association in 2010. (4:32)

9. GIRL MEETS WEST (Mary Kaye, BMI) Written in bed while recovering from an unforgiving flu, the fever-induced lyrics are both honest and cheeky as they describe my life on the road. It was written for the Ride a Wide Circle album. (3:17)

10. GIT ALONG LITTLE DOGGIES (Traditional, Arrangement by Mary Kaye) Although I love writing original material about life in the rural west, I have a special place for the traditional trail songs that are the foundation of western music. This gem is from The Dawn and The Dusk. (3:41)

11. FRINGE (Mary Kaye, BMI) Written for No Wilder Place, this has become one of my favorite songs to perform in front of a live audience because of its driving rhythm and sass. (3:57)

12. THE REAL THING (Mary Kaye, BMI) One of the first songs I wrote, it became the title track to my first CD The Real Thing. The vocals on this recording are something of a miracle...a one-take wonder recorded on a Sure 58 as I sang along with the guitarist, Michael Dowdle. (2:53)

13. THE PRAIRIE PREACHER (Mary Kaye, BMI) Set in the Old West but written as an allegory for our day and time; and just like in the song, some audiences love it and some squirm in their seats. It is found on The Dawn and The Dusk CD. (5:16)

14. LASCA (Lyrics by Frank Deprez, 1882; Arrangement by Mary Kaye) Told from the cowboy's point of view, this song from No Wilder Place remains a fan favorite for the power of it's storytelling. (5:45)



Production: Don't Fence Me In Records ~ Brad Knaphus and Mary Kaye

Engineering: Mark Stephensen

Photography: Anita Crane

Graphic Design: John Stevens